Low melting chlorophyl 3A wax

• Presented in portions in a 1 kg Bag. (12 kg boxes).

• Melts at a low temperature
• High elasticity
• The temperature for application is between 38º and 40º C
• Strong adherence to hair
• Does not produce heat irritation

• Solid when cold and pseudo-plastic when warm.

• Natural Bees wax
• Colophony (Pine Tree resin)

• Warm in recipient until it takes on a honey like texture.
• Apply with a spatula, lift an end with your thumb and index finger and pull
against the hair once only.



Post waxing

• Box of 10 vials (10 ml.)

• Smoothes the skin.
• Gets rid of the left over wax.
• Anti-inflammatory.
• Delays the growth of hair.
• Weakens the hair follicle.

• Clear green liquid

• Bisabolol - Anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant

• Suitable for both facial and corporal, and for all types of hair.
• Immediately following depilation of the chosen area, apply the content of the vial while gently massaging until completely absorbed.