Anti Ageing Cream - Collagen + Liposomes

• 50 ml jar.

• All types of skin, especially dry
and with signs of ageing.

• Deeply nourishes the skin.
• Reinforces the hydration potential of your skin.
• Delays the effect of ageing and reduces existing wrinkles.
• Guarantees suppleness and tonicity of the skin.

• White creamy emulsion.

• AHA -Glycolic Acid - Moisturises and tightens the epidermis and provides luminoisity at the same time.
• Collagen - tensor.
• Liposomes of Ceramides - Act as water-binders.
• Aloe Vera - Soothes, regenerates and preserves moisture.
• Camomile - Tones and stimulates.
• Centella Asiatica - Helps recover elasticity.
• Sun protection.

• Minimises and soothes wrinkles and expression lines.
• Eliminates dead cells and renewes existing cells.
• Restores elasticity and smoothness.
• Raises the ability to retain water.
• Contains sun protection.

• Apply ANTI-AGE with a gentle massage morning and-or evening on a thoroughly-cleansed face and neck.
• It is recommended you use the cream at home, as a continuation of the
KIT VEILS COLLAGEN treatment carried out in the Beauty Salon.