Multivitamin Treatment

Box containing a set of products to be used for 3 sessions:

• Vial Enzymatic Peeling (Phase 1 | Phase 2) 3 units x 2
• Vial Vitamin A 3 units
• Vial Vitamin E 3 units
• Vial Vitamin C 3 units
• Revital Mask (Phase 1| Phase) 3 units x 2
• Multivitamin Cream (sachet) 3 units
• Dropper 1 unit

• All types of skin, especially dull, fatigued and stressed skin.

• Brings an intense regeneration to the skin
• Deeply nourishes
• Protects and balances skin
• Proportions vitality and brightness to skin

• Vit. A - RETINOL - Revitalises and activates the production of new cells.
• Vit. E - Moisturising factor of long duration. Anti-free radicals.
• Vit. C -Stimulates the formation of collagen.
• Lactic Acid - Moisturises and balances.
• Aloe Vera - Soothes, regenerates and conserves humidity.
• Vit. F - Protects and avoids the skin from drying.
• Ginseng - Revitalises.
• Allantoin - Soothes and straightens the skin

• Easy for professionals to use, because all the products for one session are in the same place.
• Personalised products for each client.
• Each product has the exact amount to be used in each session.
• Treatment is rich in vitamines A+E+C..

• We recommend one session per week during six consecutive weeks.

• To prolong the effect of this treatment at home, apply
morning and night with a gentle
massage on a thoroughly-clean face and neck.