These beauty tips will show you how to enhance your features !

We recommend that you change your make-up products with the seasons, like with your clothes. In summer, it's best to wear light and fresh shades, and in winter oily and warm shades.

Eyes and lips that have a lot of make-up on can create a very strong look. To soften the look, use intensive make-up on your eyes, and a light colour on the lips. Or the other way around, glamorous lips make a nice contrast to subtle eye make-up.

When you look tired it's best not to apply too much make-up, but you should apply the basic products such as, concealer, blush and lipstick, they will hide signs of tiredness.


   To obtain a matte effect, it's advisable to use.

Translucent loose powder -
   It is best to touch-up your make up before eating, this will be a lot more effective, the reason being that when you digest, the skin becomes warmer and powder does not adhere as well.
  If you are prone to dark circles under your eyes, then you should avoid shades such as brown or red around the eye area, these colours will emphasis them more..
 Eyes that droop should be outlined with a line ascending from the corner of the eye.
 Protruding eyes can be disguised by outlining the inside lower eyelid with a dark eyeliner, this makes the eyes appear smaller.

Eye Liner -
 Concerning eye make-up, if you choose the same colour as your pupil, most of the time, it will dull your eyes instead of enhancing them. If your eyes are blue or green, we recommend that you choose a shade that is the opposite, it should be warm. If your eyes are brown, choose a colour that is cold.
 If you want your eyelids to appear smaller, we advise that you use darker colours.
 To clean your mascara brush, wash with mineral water and dry on a tissue. A clean brush will make your eyelashes appear more natural and won't bunch.

Mascara -
 For thin lips, we recommend that you avoid dark colours..
 For thick lips, be careful with strong red colours, they could exaggerate the appearance of your lips.
 To ensure that the colour of your lipstick lasts longer, outline your lips and colour completely with the lip liner. Then put a little translucent loose powder, and lastly the lipstick.

Lip Liner -
Lipstick -
Translucent loose powder -
 Deep red and dark pinks make warm smiles and are favoured by cold light
 Fuchsia looks spectacular at night.
 Orange shades are difficult to wear, but they go well with clothes that are beige, brown and light green.
 For dark complexions the most suitable colours are reds
 Cuanto más oscura sea la piel más favorecerán los rojos.
 Colours that are best suited on dark and chestnut coloured hair with a matte complexion, are cold shades, all the range of reds and coral pinks.
 Colours that are best suited on fair complexions and clear eyes are warm colours, from orange to copper, and light pink to fuchsia.
 For bronzed complexions bright colours look best
Tips for applying nail polish:
 It is not recommended that you apply nail polish, either before or after a bath / shower because the humidity, and the grease, prevent it from drying.
 Before applying nail polish, make sure you have not used any hand cream, clean the surface of the nail well, to get rid of any impurities and dry your hands carefully, that way the product will have better adherence.
 We recommend you clean the nail with nail polish remover, to assure that the nail polish lasts longer.
 Before applying the nail polish, we recommend that you firstly apply a base coat to achieve a better finish.
 For nail polish to dry quickly, place your fingers under the cold water tap for a few minutes after application.
 The range of beiges and whites go well on pale skin.
 Pale pinks are suited on matte and dark skin.
 Transparent colours look great on impeccable nails.
 Bright reds favour white skin or really matte skin.
 Pink colours stand out on light brown skin.
 Burgundy tones look best on short square nails.