• To bring minerals and trace element to the skin
• To activate the venous and lymphatic circulation
• To absorb toxins
• To reduce unsightly fatty deposits

Apply a small quantity of THERMIC GEL on the areas to be treated by means of an active massage to activate blood circulation. Distribute BIO CELULIT with an active massage.
Spread a generous layer of MINERAL FANGO over the area to be treated. Wrap the area straight away with osmotic paper and leave to act for 20 minutes under a heat source (an electric blanket or infrared lamp).
Remove the product with damp sponges and dry the area. With CELULIT ACTIVE, proceed to either a lymphatic drainage or a circulating massage.
Finalize the treatment with the application of FRESH GEL to achieve a feeling of relief and relaxation. When using FRESH GEL avoid at all cost the ovarian area.    

• Use CELULIT ACTIVE daily on treated area.