Spa Oxigen Thermal

• To promote oxygenation and cell renewal.
• To restructure and moisturise the epidermis.
• To facilitate the regeneration of skin that is lethargic and dull.
• To strengthen skin cells.
• To protect from environmental aggressions.

Clean and tone the face, neck and neckline with DESMAQUILLANT PLUS. Remove with damp sponges. In a container mix Phase 1 and Phase 2 of  ENZYMATIC PEELING until you achieve a homogeneous mix.
With a brush, apply a fine layer of the product over the face and neck and leave to act for 5 minutes. Remove with lots of water. Next, apply BIOXIGEN by means of a gentle massage over face and neck until it has been completely absorbed.
Empty nearly all the contents of THERMAL AQUA into a bowl, and deposit the SOLID MASK tablet plus sterile gauze. Leave until they are completely absorbed. Unfold the tablet and the gauze and apply SOLID MASK over the face and the gauze over the neck.
Empty the complete quantity of MINERAL FANGO into a bowl and add the rest of the THERMAL AQUA. Mix well. Spread with a brush over the face and neck, previously covered with the SOLID MASK. Leave to act for 15 minutes. Remove and clean with water the rest of the product.
Dry well and gently apply OXIGEN CREAM over the face and neck.    

• It is recommended one session per week during 6 consecutive weeks.

• For daily hygiene : DESMAQUILLANT PLUS.
• Morning and-or evening on a thoroughly-clean face and neck: OXIGEN CREAM.