Kit Veils Collagen

• To delay visible effects of ageing by reducing wrinkles.
• To stimulate the synthesis of collagen.
• To tone and reaffirm the cutaneous tissue.
• To nourish and promote suppleness.
• To improve water retention.

Clean and tone the face, neck and neckline with DESMAQUILLANT PLUS. Remove with damp sponges. In a container mix Phase 1 and Phase 2 of ENZYMATIC PEELING  until you achieve a homogeneous mix.
With a brush, apply a fine layer of the product over the face and neck and leave to act for 5 minutes. Remove with plenty of water. Next, apply the biologic BIO COLLAGEN by way of gentle massage over the face and neck  until it has been completely absorbed. To apply, proceed to the pictures

Position the dry VEIL COLLAGEN over the face to determine the position of the nose.


Remove the veil and make a cut of approximately 2.5 cm long under the nose. Then reposition the veil on the face.


Spread the AQUA SERUM by means of a soaked gauze on the vertical half of the face and after that the other half. (First the right part and after left, or vice versa). Once applied, mould the veil over the face. Put two soaked cotton wools over the eye area and leave the veil to act for 20 minutes.


Next, remove the veil in one piece rolling from the forehead to the neck.


Dry well and gently apply ANTI-AGE over the face and neck.    

• It is recommended one session per week during 6 consecutive weeks.

• For daily hygiene: DESMAQUILLANT PLUS.
• Morning and-or evening on a thoroughly-cleans face and neck: ANTI AGE.