During the winter months, skin is subject to changes stronger than at any other time of the year. Cold, wind, sudden changes in temperature, humidity, heating and pollution constitute as the main factors that your skin has to face.

This harsh and destructive environment reduces the skin's ability to retain water, causing dryness, irritation and pale skin.

The following advice will help you to care for your skin and prevent these severe conditions affecting your skin.

If possible, try to lower the temperature of the heating because this reduces the skins natural humidity. The less moisture there is in the environment, the quicker the water in your skin evaporates. Put a container with water near the heater, this will maintain the appropriate level of humidity in the air
Try to make the duration of your shower or bath brief, and that the water temperature is as tepid as possible. Your skin will be less de-hydrated.
To help you to protect your skin we recommend that you drink 8 glasses of water daily, eat healthy food, and get the necessary sleep.
We advise you to clean your face with lukewarm water and gently remove your make-up with Desmaquillant Plus by . It's extracts of mallow, poppy, violet and cornflower have moisturising and soothing effects, which at the same time cleans and tones your skin. Hot water, deodorant or anti-bacterial soaps are very strong, they can take-away your skin's natural moisturising capacity and cause flaking and dryness.
During this period, we recommend an anti-ageing cream for skin that is dull and showing signs of ageing, because it provides maximum moisturising and protects from the harshness of the environment. Collagen deeply nourishes, brings elasticity, tones, improves water retention and prevents wrinkles.

Anti-Ageing Cream -
• Treatment in Beauty Salon - Kit Veils Collagen
For normal skin that isn't very worn down, a cream with Vitamins A, E and C is the ideal cream. Vitamin C regenerates and prevents wrinkles. This vitamin is recommended for the whole year, because it also plays a fundamental role in the formation of collagen. Together with Vitamins A and E, they become the most effective enemies of the ageing process produced by the free radicals.

• Multivitamin Cream -
• Treatment in Beauty Salon - Intensive Multivitamin A+E+C
For skin that is asphyxiated and susceptible to conditions like pollution or heating, we recommend a oxygen cream that will help restructure, protect and moisturise the epidermis. It will absorb the good oxygen, transporting it to the deepest part of the skin. You will instantly achieve a smooth, silky and luminous skin.

• Oxigen Cream -
• Treatment in Beauty Salon - Spa Oxigen Thermal